What We Do

The name Mage is derived from the word magi, referring to the wise people who provided counsel to ancient kings and queens. Much like leaders of the past, today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders also need sage counselors, advice and coaching to achieve their vision and goals. The Mage team serves as modern-day magi to today’s successful entrepreneurs.

Mage consultants possess direct experience driving organizational objectives and growth, having worked in the trenches of their own family and emerging businesses. Our consultants have a rich depth of experience in management, research, education and business acumen to provide counsel to business leaders who require objective analysis and sound advice to overcome the challenges that impede organizational success.

Mage has the breadth of capability to identify and manage issues throughout an organization and accelerate change. We are committed to strengthening an organization’s ability to build long-term value and compete successfully in the marketplace by creating more effective leadership, management and business excellence. At Mage, we seek to understand the defining qualities of each client and focus on providing unique, customized, appropriate solutions to help achieve their goals. With more than 25 years of experience, we have a proven record of maximizing competitive advantage and securing our client’s personal and financial freedom.

What We Believe

In this turbulent economy, business leaders face a difficult reality: now is the time for change and a golden opportunity to gain advantage in an uncertain marketplace. Entrepreneurs and business leaders that effectively plan and change will set their business on a course for success. Mage facilitates these strategic transformations and creates increased value by identifying value-building business opportunities, expanding knowledge, improving processes and coaching leadership excellence.

“Mage serves as modern-day magi to today’s successful entrepreneurs. We work with businesses leaders to secure their personal and financial freedom and build their confidence. We measure our success by the success of our clients.”

Jeffrey S. Davis
Chairman & Founder