Post Fax


“We are living a dream and we couldn’t have done it without Mage. Eight years ago, we were a small family-owned and operated business. At the time, we were facing tough structural and organizational barriers. Mage helped us resolve those issues, and skillfully stabilized all the family dynamics. Mage professionalized us. Then the world and market changed and we were forced to compete straight on with the industry giants. Again Mage was there to act as our partner and helped us build competitive advantage from all levels of our organization. But to compete long term in our world we had to deal with massive industry consolidation. After all those years of work, we were proud of our achievement. We had built something special and did not want to just sell out. So Mage helped us again to take it to the next level and found an acquirer, maximizing the value of our equity. It did not feel like we were selling out, but rather teaming up. Mage was there all those years. The deal they brought created an incredible opportunity platform for us.”

– Douglas G. Schwartz, President