We are Mage

Management consultants and family business advisors since 1983

Mage provides emerging companies and family
businesses with a broad range of consulting and
organizational services that optimize individual,
team and organizational performance

Our consulting services strengthen an organization’s
ability to perform and build long-term value by
developing leadership, improving processes, and
enhancing management and business excellence.

Our team provide counsel to business and family leaders who require objective analysis and sound advice to overcome the challenges that impede organizational success.

Since 1983, Mage has assisted more than 700 businesses and organizations. Mage has the “hands-on” experience to identify obstacles and improve operations and business functions throughout an organization. Mage’s adaptive consultants can help build organizational muscle to deliver dynamic organizational results and enhanced individual, family and group performance. Our uncompromising devotion to our clients, our entrepreneurial spirit, and our variety of services enables us to help our clients accomplish their goals and unleash their organization’s potential.


Leadership Coaching

At the heart of Mage is our proven approach to individual, executive and leadership development. Mage strategic coaching is an individualized process that focuses on continual learning in order to build leadership skills, enhance employee skills and increase productivity and morale.

Strategic Advisors

Mage works with management to create strategies that leverage employees and processes. We have developed our own methodology for successfully designing and implementing strategic plans based on the alignment of skills, roles, and accountabilities.

Change Management

Managing change is critical to successful organizations. Roles for managers and executives constantly need to adjust to the company’s needs. Mage consultants serve as guides and coaches as employees adapt to new systems and roles.

Marketing & Sales

Mage’s individualized marketing and sales development programs start with a strategic review of all efforts and results, past and present. We assess every aspect of an organization’s marketing and/or sales processes from cold calling and lead generation to verbal and written presentations.

Financial Management

Mage’s financial experts leverage an organization’s financial position to capitalize on its strategic objectives and provide family and shareholder protection. Our consultants can ensure that a client maximizes its value by operating with an appropriate level of debt and equity financing.

Family Business

Our team provides counsel to family businesses and family leaders who require objective analysis and sound advice to overcome the challenges that impede organizational success. We craft solutions that clients, embrace and proudly own.

Jeffrey S. Davis
Chairman & Founder


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