The Handmade Bow Company


“In early 2002, as The Handmade Bow Company worked through some very difficult times, it was clear that we did not have the internal resources to solve the significant problems facing us. At the suggestion of our attorney, we engaged Mage, LLC to evaluate our condition, make recommendations for solutions and participate in their implementation. It was one of the best business decisions that I ever made.

Mage brought the professional resources, positive attitude and bottom-line results that we needed to transform the company into a profitable venture with a very bright future. Beyond the immediate problem solving activities, Mage has also been a welcome source of guidance, advice and action-based support in all operating areas of the company.

From our first meeting we sensed the difference that Mage could make and we were not disappointed. We now see Mage as a key part of our management team and have made a commitment for a long-term relationship. I see Mage and its people as quality consultants, experienced mentors and good friends.”

George Kean, Chairman & Founder
The Handmade Bow Company, Inc.

Since the early ’70s, The Handmade Bow Company has tied millions of quality bows for consumer markets throughout the United States. An industry leader, The Handmade Bow Company offers the largest selection of highly profitable decorator and wreath bows made with the finest ribbons available. For more information, please visit