Westport Rivers


“For several years our family had been hesitantly considering establishing a Board of Advisors for our two businesses, Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery and Buzzards Bay Brewing. For reasons of either uncertainty or lack of time, we did not accomplish the task. This all changed when we came upon the name Mage, LLC from an article in the ” Boston Business Journal” citing the expertise of Mage in setting up Boards of Advisors.

A simple phone call by me in April of 2002 to Jeffrey Davis, Chairman & Founder of Mage, created a flurry of competent and skillful activity. Out of this came the establishment of an extraordinarily qualified eight person Board of Advisors in September 2002 from which we look forward to meaningful advice and consent.

Mage helped us identify and screen numerous qualified candidates, ensuring that the new advisory board has the experience and industry “know-how” to help us successfully grow our business in the future. Mage’s efforts and help will enable us to continue our success in the wine and beer industries.

All the people from Mage who were involved in the process of establishing the Board of Advisors were, and are, professional and productive in every way. Mage’s skilled professionals consistently exceed our expectations. We truly believe we get more than we pay for from Mage, time after time.

We at Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery and Buzzards Bay Brewing look forward to a long lasting relationship.”

Robert J. Russell – President
Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery
Buzzards Bay Brewing